Puerto Plata Beach

Are Puerto Plata Beaches Safe?

If you’re on the lookout for a beach that is safe and secure for swimming, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four Puerto Plata beaches to choose from, each offering a different type of beach experience. From El Breton to Grand Beach, from Luperon to Cabarete, you’re sure to find a safe spot. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

El Breton beach

While many beaches in Puerto Plata are very popular and crowded, the El Breton beach is a safe and beautiful alternative. This half-moon-shaped cove is safe to swim and has fewer crowds. The tan sand and lush vegetation make for a perfect getaway. Regardless of your level of swimming skill, Puerto Plata offers plenty of water activities.

The city’s vibrant downtown is the ideal location for meeting locals and maximizing your time on the island. With several international chains and locally owned shops, it’s easy to cut your travel time to the beach. While the city is safe for tourists, it’s never a good idea to leave valuables unattended. You’ll also run the risk of pickpocketing thieves. In Puerto Plata, however, the city is very safe. However, taking the proper precautions to protect your personal items is still a good idea.

Cabarete beach

The best way to stay safe in Puerto Plata is to follow these few simple rules: don’t wear revealing clothing on the beach and don’t walk on the sand. You’ll also want to watch for the wild horses! You’ll find a lot of surprises in the town, including lots of restaurants. And most of them are pretty good. Besides, the town has good healthcare and cell phone service.

The town of Cabarete has become a hub for expatriates and retirees from all over the world. It’s a safe place to swim and is known for its windsurfing competitions. There’s also excellent snorkeling and kitesurfing, and the water temperature is warm year-round. Cabarete is also a popular place for kitesurfing and snorkeling. The calm water makes for a great time!

Grand Beach

Despite the name, the Grand Beach in Puerto Plata, Mexico, is not considered a particularly safe beach. There are a few things to keep in mind, however, when you plan to enjoy this beach. First, it is advisable to choose a hotel that offers a safe swimming environment, particularly if you have children. It is also important to consider the resort’s location. While some areas are not as safe as others, the Grand Beach is generally well protected from the strong offshore winds.

The Grand Beach in Puerto Plata is a popular destination for travelers, so a safe stay here is imperative. Taking the necessary precautions before vacationing is a good idea, and the hotel concierge can help you navigate the area safely. Another factor to consider is the currency. While the Dominican Peso is the most widely accepted currency in Puerto Plata, most businesses and services accept foreign currencies. The easiest way to convert money is to use a currency converter.

Luperon beach

The town of Luperon lies in the western portion of the Dominican Republic, about 20 miles from the city of Puerto Plata. It has a large, white sandy beach with coconut trees lining the shore. You can get to this beach by dirt roads filled with potholes. Once you’re there, you’ll be rewarded by the crystal clear water and colorful corals. It’s also a popular diving and snorkeling location.

You can also rent a car to get around town. Taxis are plentiful and cost around 150 to 250 pesos, depending on where you’re headed. Most taxi drivers will negotiate fares with you before you board, but it’s still recommended to bargain for a lower price. Also, be sure to take Uber, which is convenient for tourists. Motoconchos are also an option, but the drivers seldom provide helmets for passengers.

Cayo Arena beach

You can go snorkeling at Cayo Arena beach, which is also known as Cayo Paraiso. This tiny spit of sand is surrounded by coral reefs and offers a safe, shallow swimming experience. Beginner divers can snorkel at Cayo Arena, which is also an ideal location for a scuba dive. Cayo Arena is also a dreamy place for a beach selfie.

The water is very calm, making Cayo Arena beach in Puerto Platia safe for snorkeling. The water here is home to an incredible range of marine life. Besides being safe for snorkeling, you can also take advantage of the excellent dive sites that surround it. You can dive or snorkel from this beach, but you need to wear the proper attire for the water. If you are worried about safety, bring along a scuba tank.

San Felipe Fort

Are Puerto Plata’s beaches safe? Well, there are plenty of things to do besides lie on the sand. For example, you can visit the fortress of San Felipe, a 16th century fort that once protected the city from pirates. A visit to the Amber Museum is also a must, as it is said to be the inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

While Puerto Plata doesn’t have the perfect beach for kids, the area’s white sand beaches and calm waters are worth exploring. Playa Dorada is a nice, untouched beach. You can even swim along this stretch of golden sand, with calm waters. However, these beaches can’t compare to the stunning ones in Punta Cana, as they are not as developed.