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Did Any Resorts In Puerto Plata Have Deaths?

In the wake of a recent media frenzy, did any resorts in Puerto Plata have any deaths? The first case involves a Punta Cana vacationer who claimed to have been assaulted while walking out of her room for a late-night snack. Tammy Lawrence-Daley alleged that she was subjected to a savage assault by a man in a resort uniform. The incident occurred in the early morning hours, when Tammy Lawrence-Daley had stepped out of her room to grab a late-night snack. The assault lasted several hours and involved a man in a resort uniform.

La Bahia resort deaths triggered a wave of media attention

The spate of media attention in Puerto Plata prompted investigators to reopen their investigation into the deaths at the La Bahia resort, where three Americans died in January and June. The deaths were unexplained, and investigators suspect that a number of the victims may have consumed bootleg liquor. The US Embassy in Santo Domingo confirmed that the FBI is on the island, conducting toxicology reports on the alcoholic beverages. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, where the three deaths took place, announced that it has taken all alcohol from its minibars.

The death of Schaup-Werner, a former model from Pennsylvania, was similar to that of Holmes and Day, and also occurred in the same resort. The women suffered respiratory failure and pulmonary edema and died of their ailments. Police are still waiting for the toxicology results for the deaths of Day and Holmes. The deaths prompted an outpouring of media attention in Puerto Plata and a slew of inquiries and investigation.

The recent spate of deaths has prompted government officials to call for better regulation of medical tourism in the Dominican Republic. But the government maintains that the deaths are coincidences. Authorities say they are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of their guests. In fact, a number of deaths at the La Bahia resort last year sparked a wave of media attention in Puerto Plata.

Terra Linda Resort in Sosua

Two American tourists have died while visiting the Dominican Republic, including Joseph Allen, 55, who was found dead in his hotel room. Allen was in the country to celebrate a friend’s birthday. His body was found on Wednesday night in his room at the Terra Linda Resort in Sosua. While staying at the hotel, Allen complained of feeling feverish. Hotel employees noticed him complaining of being uncomfortable and alerted him to the fact that he was unwell.

Joseph Allen, an American citizen from Avenel, New Jersey, was discovered dead in his hotel room on June 13. He had complained to his friends that he was feeling off before his trip, but his body was found in his hotel room. His death is the ninth death in the Dominican Republic by a suspicious American in 2018. His family said he had passed a medical exam and was not at risk of being poisoned. The family is working to retrieve Allen’s body.

The two guests were on their way to check out of the hotel when they were found dead. While the US State Department did not confirm Allen’s death, it said the deaths were unrelated to any other issues at the resort. The Dominican National Police and the FBI are investigating the deaths and will release more information once toxicology results are complete. In the meantime, the family is trying to determine how to make the hotel safer for travelers.

Excellence Resorts in Punta Cana

The death of an American tourist on a recent vacation to the Dominican Republic has raised alarms across the country. Leyla Cox, 53, was staying at an Excellence resort in Punta Cana when she died June 10. The U.S. Embassy ruled the death as a heart attack, but her son, Will Cox, is suspicious. Cox often traveled alone and did not want her boyfriend to know she was on vacation by herself.

A forensic report and a statement from the Excellence Punta Cana resort said the hotel was deeply saddened by the recent deaths. It said it took “extensive measures” to ensure guests’ safety. The hotel confirmed that the guest had died in her room, but it did not provide details about how she passed away. The resort said it was cooperating fully with the investigation. It was unclear what caused the death, but authorities have asked the hotel to release more information about the incident.

In another death at an Excellence resort in Punta Cana, a woman died on May 25. She was found unconscious in her hotel room after drinking from the minibar. She died from heart failure, respiratory failure, and pulmonary edema. In a separate case, a couple from Maryland also died at a hotel near the Excellence resort in Punta Cana. The two deaths are a cause for alarm, but there are no signs of foul play.