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Is It Safe to Drink Frozen Drinks in Puerto Plata, Mexico?

When visiting Puerto Plata,  you may be tempted to grab a frozen drink. These are not only not very healthy, but can also be contaminated. Here are some ways to avoid them. Drink water or take bottled water, instead. Coconut juice, for instance, is not as contaminated as bottled water, and many tourists don’t even know it exists.

Avoiding frozen drinks in Puerto Plata

While visiting the Dominican Republic, avoid buying frozen drinks at restaurants and street markets. Ice from street vendors and kiosks is of questionable quality. Ask your waiter if the ice is made with potable water. Good ice has a sanitary register number and a trade name. The most common water distributor in Punta Cana is Alaska. Avoid ice from street vendors and restaurants. You can also ask for the ice’s origin to ensure that it is made with sanitary water.

Drinking water in Puerto Plata

While the majority of resorts and private homes in the area use bottled water, the town is also known for its restaurants and bars that offer filtered, purified water. The local government has invested millions of dollars in water treatment facilities in the area and it is proud to say that its municipal water meets or exceeds international standards. Because the town is so popular with tourists, restaurants and bars are well aware of the importance of clean, safe water for their patrons.

While you will find clean water in Puerto Plata, there are still some precautions that you should take. First, you should know that tap water in Dominican Republic is generally not safe. It is best to drink bottled water. In addition to being cheaper and more convenient than tap water, bottled water has a lower risk of contamination than unfiltered tap water. However, there is no guarantee that tap water in Puerto Vallarta is free from bacteria and other harmful contaminants. It is therefore wise to choose water that has been purified with chlorine-free additives.

Taking bottled water in Puerto Plat

When you’re traveling in Dominican Republic, you may want to consider drinking bottled water. While the city’s water is purified, not all taps are. Most resorts and hotels offer large jugs of purified water and will refill them for you on a daily basis. Hotels don’t want you to get sick and spend your time traveling and enjoying the town feeling lousy. Also, if you’re planning on eating out a lot, you may want to consider bottled water.

While drinking tap water in Dominican Republic is not recommended, Puerto Plata’s water is one of the cleanest in the country. This is in large part due to the city’s water treatment and purification system, which was installed more than a hundred years ago. Bottled water in the city is safe for drinking, brushing your teeth, and is iced. You should also avoid taking water from your apartment’s sink.

Taking ice in Puerto Plata

The ice served in restaurants, kiosks, and street stores is generally of questionable quality. Whether or not it is sanitary is another question. If you are unsure, ask your waiter. Good ice will be marked with a sanitary register number and a trade name of a manufacturer. In Punta Cana, Alaska is the most common water distributor. You can also buy ice at your hotel.

The local Dominican beer, Presidente, is made in several breweries in the Dominican Republic. Most Dominicans prefer this beer, which is usually served near freezing. Puerto Plata rums include Ron Macorix, which began in San Pedro de Macoris in 1899 and was bought by a company in Puerto Plata in 2012. It is one of the most popular rums and comes in a variety of flavors, including banana and coconut. There are also seasonal mixed drinks and a rum museum in the town.