Puerto Plata Water Temperature

Is The Ocean Water In Puerto Plata Cold? | Let’s Explore

Are you wondering whether the ocean water in Puerto Plata is too cold or too warm for swimming? It depends on the time of year. January to April has cooler water than the rest of the year. On average, the water temperature in Puerto Plata is seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit. March has the coolest water. Below is a chart displaying the average daily water temperature. You can see what the average temperature is  in Fahrenheit in the various months of the year.

Puerto Plata Temperature Chart

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Sea temperatures are a vital part of the climate of the world. Since the ocean covers about 71% of Earth’s surface, the sea water temperature around Puerto Plata is an important part of the global climate. Using sea surface temperature data, scientists can better predict Puerto Plata’s weather and study the marine ecosystem. The raw data for Puerto Plata comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


The Humidity of ocean water in Puerto Metalla is a key aspect to consider when visiting the Caribbean resort town. The local climate depends in part on the local topography. The area experiences a mild seasonal variation in wind speed and humidity, with the sweltering summer months followed by mildly humid winters. This means that the average hourly wind speed will vary from nine to ten miles per hour and will be at its highest during July.


The average monthly precipitation in Puerto Plata varies a lot throughout the year. From November through March, the sky is clear 82% of the time. Rainfall is most common between May and November, with only two months having more rain than the others. In the summer, however, the average rainfall is higher at just over two inches per month. Despite these differences, Puerto Plata remains a sunny destination year-round.


In Puerto Plata, the average ocean temperature varies with the season. From August 8 to November 10, water temperatures are above 83degF. The coldest months are January and February. In July, water temperatures range from 80 to 86degF. Water temperatures are also warm and pleasant in September and October. Below, you can find the average water temperature for these months. To get a general idea of the water temperature in Puerto Plata, consider the weather and surf forecast.


If you’re planning a vacation to Puerto Plata, you’ll probably be wondering: is the ocean water cold? The answer depends on when you visit and the kind of weather you’d like. The winter months, especially the last week of January, are generally chilly, with average temperatures in the water below 80degF. If you’d like to take advantage of the warmer weather in Puerto Plata, you should visit in late November to late April.


If you’re planning to swim in Puerto Plata, you’ll want to consider whether you should bring a wetsuit. The water temperature in Puerto Plata can fluctuate considerably from day to day. It can be colder during the afternoon, warmer in the early morning, and even warmer on a cloudy day. The best way to determine what the temperature will be is to check the forecast.


The average water temperature in Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic, is around 26degC. Daily satellite readings are available from NOAA. This data is the most relevant to beachgoers and recreational users. To get a good sense of how cold the water is in Puerto Plata, we’ve compiled a graph of recent and historical sea surface temperature data. See what the water temperature is like at the time you’re planning to visit.

Sea surface water temperature

While the average sea surface water temperature for Puerto Plata is approximately 76°F, the actual temperature can vary several degrees. This can be due to heavy rains, proximity to river mouths, or long periods of strong offshore winds, which can cause cold deep water to replace surface water. You can also adjust the temperature by looking at neighboring resorts and the weather forecast to see if you’ll need to take a wetsuit.