Best Time To Visit Puerto Plata

The Best Time To Visit Puerto Plata | Explore Its Beauty

What is the best time to visit Puerto Plata? Let’s explore what you can expect by visiting this incredibly city in your desired month. First off, Puerto Plata is a beautiful city in the Dominican Republic, and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The city is known for its beaches, resorts, nightlife, casinos and more. Here’s when to go if you want to experience all that Puerto Plata has to offer!

Puerto Plata Weather

Puerto Plata Weather
Puerto Plata Weather

The weather in Puerto Plata is characterized by humid, tropical conditions. The average temperature is around 80°F (27°C), and the humidity level hovers between 80% and 90%. This means you’ll be sweating a lot—so pack some lightweight clothing for your day-to-day activities.

The rainy season lasts from May through October. There are two major storms that hit Puerto Plata: Hurricane Maria and Tropical Storm Colin. The best time to go to Puerto Plata would be during these months if you want to avoid bad weather.


  • Temperatures in Puerto Plata range from 77.4 degrees Fahrenheit to 85.2 degrees Fahrenheit (25 to 30 Celsius). The average temperature is 81.7 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius). The highest recorded temperature was 88 degrees Fahrenheit (31 Celsius) and the lowest recorded temperature was 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit (22 Celsius).
  • Average rainfall for Puerto Plata is about 48 inches per year, but can range anywhere from 41 inches per year to 68 inches per year depending on the area you’re visiting there.
  • Average humidity around Puerto Plata ranges from 73% to 77%.


  • January is a great time to visit Puerto Plata. Temperatures are in the low- to mid-80s, with average rainfall of about 2 inches. The weather is usually overcast with some rain, but it’s not enough to dampen your spirit. January is also one of the best times for whale watching because it’s less crowded than during peak season.
  • According to TripAdvisor, the first week of January is best if you’re interested in spending less money on your vacation; however, if you have more flexibility and want a higher chance of seeing whales (or don’t mind paying extra), then go during their “go whale watching” promotion between December 31 and January 6th or during their winter sale from December 26th through February 17th for up to 70% off!


If you prefer to travel during the high season, then February is a great time to visit Puerto Plata. The average temperature in Puerto Plata during this month is 80°F and the warmest it gets is 86°F. Lows are typically around 76°F, which means there’s never really much of a chance for rain or humidity.

This period also happens to be when most locals take their vacations, so you will find that there are fewer tourists and more people enjoying the local culture than usual. This makes it easy to interact with locals who speak Spanish because they don’t have as many visitors coming into town every day like they do during other seasons (like Christmas).


March is the best time to travel to Puerto Plata, as it’s warm but not hot and there’s less rain. You’ll still get good weather, prices will be cheaper and fewer tourists will be around. The water is still warm enough for swimming, but you’ll have more space on the beach.


April is the best time to go to Puerto Plata.

For most of the year, you will find that April is the dry season in Puerto Plata. This means that there are fewer rainstorms and thunderstorms, which can be very disruptive as they bring wind and lightning. However, this also means that you won’t need an umbrella every day while you’re on vacation in Puerto Plata! Rainfall does still occur during this time but it’s not as frequent or intense as it would be if you visited during other months of the year. This makes it perfect for your vacation because you’ll have better weather conditions at least 80% of your stay!


The best time to go to Puerto Plata is May, when the average high temperature is 85 degrees and the average low temperature is 70 degrees. The weather during this month will also be dry, with an average rainfall of 2 inches and humidity level of 74%. The sea temperature averages 84 degrees.


June is the hottest month in Puerto Plata, with average temperatures of 84°F-86°F (29°C-30°C). June is also the wettest month, with an average of 12 inches (300 millimeters) of rain recorded throughout the month. This means you’ll want to be extra careful about your outdoor activities to prevent getting burned or wet.

June is a popular time for tourists to visit Puerto Plata because it falls between winter and summer vacation times at North American and European schools respectively. If you want to avoid crowds however, try going any other time of year—especially December through March when school is still in session!


The average temperature in July is 20-30 degrees Celsius, and the average rainfall is 50mm. The humidity level is 75%.

In July, you’ll find a large number of tourists visiting Puerto Plata because it has a warm climate and lots of sunshine. This means that there will be plenty of activities to keep you busy during your stay.


August sees an average high temperature of 86°F and an average low temperature of 78°F. It’s also the driest month, with just seven inches of rain, while humidity is at its lowest point at 84%. The sea temperature will remain steady at 82°F throughout August too.


September is the best time to go to Puerto Plata.

This is because it’s not too hot, not too cold, not too rainy, not too dry, and not too windy. The weather in September is just right!


October is the best time to travel to Puerto Plata. The weather is cool and comfortable, with highs in the low 80s Fahrenheit (26-29 Celsius). It doesn’t rain as much as other times of year, which means you’ll have a better chance of enjoying your days on the beach or exploring some of the many attractions this town has to offer.

To get there: You can fly into Puerto Plata from New York City for around $200 round trip on JetBlue or American Airlines. If you want to stay close by, there’s also a direct flight from Miami that costs about $150 round trip if booked early enough. Once you’re at the airport, getting around should be easy; there are taxis available outside every terminal as well as buses that run throughout much of Dominican Republic for about 50 cents per ride (exact change required). Renting a car can also be an inexpensive option if you’re staying in one place for several days; expect between $20-$30 USD per day depending on location and seasonality (prices will increase during Christmas week.)


November is an excellent time to visit Puerto Plata. The average temperature during this month is in the mid-80s F, so you can enjoy a warm vacation without it being too hot.

The chance of rain is low and hurricane season has ended for the year, so you’re unlikely to experience any bad weather while you’re there.

November sees plenty of dry days with sunny skies throughout most of the month, which makes it one of the best months to spend some time on your trip.

It’s also not as crowded as some other times during high season (June through August).


  • December is the rainy season. If you’re looking for a little more excitement than your typical tropical vacation, check out Puerto Plata during the rainy season. The rain will make your trip more memorable and give you something to talk about when you return home—but don’t worry, there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed in any weather condition!
  • There are also many other benefits to visiting in December:
  • You’ll find that many hotels offer discounts on their rates. Many people want to avoid traveling during this time because of the rain, so it’s likely that hotels will offer lower rates as incentive for travelers who are willing to brave mudslides and flooded roads just to get away from home.
  • The weather is still warm enough for swimming but not too hot yet (usually). You may need a light jacket or sweater at night if it gets cold!
  • It’s an ideal time for couples who want some alone time together without worrying about chaperones around every corner — they can escape into each other’s arms without having any distractions or interruptions (obviously).

Avoid the rainy season

Puerto Plata Rainy Season
Puerto Plata Rainy Season

During the rainy season, expect daily downpours. The rainy season spans roughly from May to December and can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. June, July and August are typically the wettest months.

  • Puerto Plata is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic in a large bay called Samaná Bay. Not only does this location attract tourists who enjoy beach vacations but also those who want to explore historic sites inland from Puerto Plata like San Cristobal fort and Isla Saona as well as nearby attractions like Dominican Republic’s most popular national park: La Vega El Valle de Los Ingenios (The Valley of the Sugarmills).
  • Most visitors come in April through October when temperatures are pleasant with no more than occasional showers; however it gets very humid—upwards of 90%—so bring sunscreen!

Final Thoughts On Visiting Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is a beautiful place to visit any time of year. However, the best time to visit Puerto Plata is during the winter months. The weather is cooler and the crowds are smaller. Puerto Plata is also known for its Carnival celebration, which takes place in February. If you’re looking for a festive atmosphere and great weather, then Carnival is the perfect time to visit Puerto Plata.

Now you know when the best time to go is in Puerto Plata. To summarize, avoid the rainy season and visit during the summer if you want warm weather.

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