Puerto Plata Holidays

What Is Puerto Plata Like For Holiday Seasons?

To enjoy the best weather in Puerto Plata, you should visit during the coolest months of the year. While temperatures do not vary too much throughout the year, the warmer months are from May to October. The average high temperature in these months is over 86 degrees Fahrenheit and the low is no lower than 68 degrees. November to April are the coolest months, with average highs between 82 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit and lows of 66 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re bothered by hot temperatures, it’s best to visit during the cooler months.


Although winters in the Dominican Republic can be harsh, the city offers a number of warm, tropical options for visitors. The city is relatively calm throughout the year, although mid-July and August can experience high winds. The average wind speed in August is 6.4 knots, which is considered a light breeze. The highest sustained winds are in mid-July, reaching up to 14.1 knots. Winters in Puerto Plata are warm, but there are some aspects of the climate to consider.

The sun rises at 6:01 AM on December 1 and sets at 6:47 PM on February 28. During the winter months, there are fewer days of significant precipitation and the earliest sunrise is at 7:01 AM on December 1. The latest sunset is at 6:47 PM on February 28. While there is no daylight saving time in Puerto Plata, it is still possible to experience cold temperatures throughout the year. The warmest days are July and August, with a high of 83degF and a low of 69degF on February 3.

Santo Domingo de Fiesta

The Dominican Republic’s festive season kicks off in December, and many of its towns celebrate this annual event. Streets are lined with people dressed in costumes and dancing to music. This event was first held to honor the friendship between the DR and Puerto Rico, the US territory located 240 miles to the east of the DR. Its colorful streets are a great place to take in the atmosphere and watch a local folk show.

Visitors can take in free outdoor shows and dances by the dozens. The annual Festival del Merengue takes over the Malecon and Plaza Juan Baron park. More than 30 local artists perform during this festive week. The Festival del Merengue offers a unique opportunity to catch the Dominican‘s finest merengue artists. If you want to experience this dance form in all its glory, you must attend this festival!

Hurricane season

During the hurricane season, Puerto Plata experiences heavy rainfall and flash floods, particularly in the northern part of the island. In fact, Puerto Plata Province is one of the most affected areas, and thousands of people were displaced. Tropical Storm Laura and Grace both brought heavy rains and strong winds to the Caribbean. Both storms affected the Puerto Plata Province. Here are some tips to survive hurricane season in Puerto Plata:

If you’re considering a trip to Puerto Plata, you’ll want to know about its weather. While most of the Dominican Republic’s weather is sunny year-round, the northern and southern coasts are slightly drier and colder. If you want to avoid heavy rains, consider visiting during the summer. You’ll find fewer tourists and fewer crowds during this time of year, which is ideal for relaxing on the beach.

Affordable resorts

There are plenty of cheap vacation packages to Puerto Plata to suit any budget. There are luxury all-inclusive resorts and boutique hotels. In addition to the beaches and the city’s rich culture, Puerto Plata is also known for its beautiful all-inclusive resorts. The best way to enjoy the city is to choose from one of these affordable Puerto Plata vacation packages. You can also choose from different types of rooms, including ocean view or soundproofed standard rooms.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you can choose a time of year other than the peak tourist season. The rainy season, which occurs between June and November, offers the lowest prices and less tourist activity. The average temperature in this destination ranges from sixty to eighty degrees Fahrenheit, making it the perfect choice for people looking for a low-cost vacation.


There are many options for holidaymakers seeking a variety of nightlife in Puerto Plata. In the city center, sophisticated bars double as dance spots, and cigar lounges are also available. Nearby resort areas on Playa Dorada and Costa Dorada have casinos and nightclubs. The Malecon area is a lively hub for a variety of entertainment, and the bars along the waterfront often have themed nights.

May is the last official month of spring in the Dominican Republic. The weather continues to warm, and seawater temperatures reach 27degC, equivalent to 81degF. This is warm enough for swimming, but not hot enough to drown. Visitors should wear light-weight, breathable clothing to avoid getting too hot. The third week of June is the cultural festival in Puerto Plata, which features many dance performances. In the following weeks, there are several food and wine festivals, including the International Food and Wine Festival.